Lakeview Lounge

Ballyknockan, Blessington, Co. Wicklow. Tel: 087 4143977 email: Liz Cullen

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Hillbilly Tractor Run 24th June 2012

Kare Tour de foothills stop over at Cullens see video on Photo Page their web.

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After Dark

Lake View Lounge Music

Welcome to Lake View Lounge situated in Ballyknockan which overlooks the Blessington Lakes.

We have live music on weekends with many well known groups performing.
We also can arrange for music for parties and occasions during the week.
Groups such as After Dark (pictured above) make regular appearances for both sessions and the annual Hillbilly tractor run.


Liz Cullen


Live Music

For event bookings contact Liz tel: 087 4143977 or email


| Contact us by telephone 087 4143977 or email Liz Cullen